Greetings, my name is Shisogenius and I’ve been a casual Shadowverse player since August 2017. Since that time, I have created a slew of educational Shadowverse content aimed at players trying to be competitive. One example of such content is the monthly “Meta Insight” series, the latest installment of which is hosted on the website of Team ManaSurge:

Meta Insight 4/15

So what exactly is the “Meta Insight”?

Meta Insight is divided into sections on various deck archetypes. Each of the sections includes a tab menu on the side that contains the decklists for that archetype from various high-ranking players. Clicking on the players’ names brings up the decklist from the corresponding players, allowing to compare the different decks at a glance. In addition to that, most of the archetype sections have a tab called “Skeleton” that lists the core cards in that particular archetype. Clicking on the image of the decklist brings up the Bagoum deckbuilder page for that list, and clicking on the “Source” link brings you to the player’s social media that usually contains additional comments or statistics from that player. Generally, the decklists are organized in a descending order of played games and recency, so by going down the list you go from the more standard, tried-and-true decklists to unusual, off-meta variations of that archetype.

Apart from being a collection of netdecks, Meta Insight also includes comments on the play patterns, optional cards, tech choices, strengths and weaknesses of the deck, and so on. At the end of each of the sections there is a matchup graph, that shows the performance of that deck archetype against other archetypes. The presented graphs are based off of Shadowlog stats, aggregated from the start of the month. Hovering over bars on the graph shows additional information, such as exact percentages and total sample size of recorded games.

The article also contains a so-called “Stats corner” that contains the weekly analysis of the latest changes in the metagame. The “Matchup Spread Table” contains weekly winrates of various deck archetypes against one another. Hovering over specific cells of the table shows additional information on that particular matchup. The ”Class Distribution” chart shows a comparison of the popularity of particular deck archetypes and classes. The ”Deck Archetype Map” shows weekly changes in the form of a comet graph on a Winrate/Frequency axis. The nuclei (“head”) of the comets show the current performance of the archetypes, while the tails of the comets show the performance from last week. The ”Class Frequency” graph shows the changes in popularity of the 8 classes on a week-by-week basis in the Rotation format.

And that’s all there is to it! If you have questions or feedback regarding the article, feel free to contact Shisogenius#1155 on Discord or Shisogenius on most other social platforms.