Written by – Aya Senpai

Howdy Shadowverse Players

For everyone who has watched the NGE shadowverse open, it should come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of Sizouney. Not just because of his outrageous showmanship, but the decks he plays, and this particular deck stands out above the rest. Today, we will take a look at Conjuring force Rune! Get the deck here!

Pros and cons


  • Difficult to play around
  • Able to win seemingly out of nowhere
  • Can switch between different modes of play depending on the situation
  • Does not rely on conjuring force to win the game
  • Is completely fine with going second


  • Incredibly difficult to pilot correctly
  • Even the smallest misplay can cost you a game
  • Mulligans are very matchup dependant

General Game plan

Conjuring force may look like a combo deck, but conjuring force is actually an aggro deck with different combinations that can quickly win the game. So, what should your top priority be with conjuring force? Flooding the board. So, you want to spellboost your Summon Snow and Rimewind as soon as possible!

As an aggro deck, you want to spend a great deal of time dealing as much damage to your opponent as you can as quickly as possible. Your primary followers are actually going to be generated from spells such as Summon Snow, Conjure Golem and Rimewind.

If you aren’t able to begin dealing damage to your opponent early, you can use spells such as magic missile, angelic snipe and piercing rune to help keep your opponent’s board clear, or do damage to them when you have the opportunity. Kaleidoscopic Glow can also be very good at taking away your opponent’s tempo while you continue to spellboost the cards in your hand.

If you get too low on cards in your hand, you have access to Fates hand and Daria, Dimensional Witch. I would urge a bit of caution with your card draw using fates hand. More often than not, you want to try holding your Fates Hand to help combo with your conjuring force. It is purely a judgment call as to which you should play at a given time.

Mulligans (Please understand that these may change depending on the match up)

  • Going First
    • Summon Snow
    • Insight
    • Conjure Golem
    • Blade Mage
    • Daria, Dimensional Witch (only if you have early game cards that can spellboost)
  • Going Second
    • TImeworn Mage Levi
    • Insight
    • Piercing Rune
    • Summon Snow
    • Kaleidoscopic Glow

Knowing when to play Conjuring Force

This is an incredibly important aspect of playing the deck. While the deck is capable of winning the game without conjuring force, it is very important to know exactly when you can play it. Below I will give a few situations where it is “Safe” to play conjuring force

  1. On Turn 5 when literally nothing is on the board and your opponent passed. You have to not be in danger of lethal as well.
  2. When you are going to attempt to finish your opponent off with your combo. Depending on how much damage you have managed to do throughout the game, you could do this as early as turn 6.

Video Example

Final thoughts

Understanding conjuring force can be a bit difficult for sure. It is important to get tons of practice with the deck because it is not a “pick up and play deck”. You will have to lose many many games before you get the full idea. If you want to understand how it’s run properly, make sure to check out the match above showcasing the deck and be sure to check into the NGE Shadowverse Open to watch this deck be played by Sizouney! He has yet to drop a game when the deck was allowed to be played and it is always a treat to watch! You won’t regret it! Until next time!

Aya Senpai is the founder of The Shadow Nexus, and is a caster for Season 2 of the NGE Shadowverse Open. If you want to reach out to him, you can find him on Twitter or on The Shadow Nexus Discord.