Written by – Aya Senpai

First, let me start by saying that even though Sprayquaza managed to win with this deck during the NGE Shadowverse open, the forest curse shall remain intact. I stick by my word that forest will NOT win the NGE Shadowverse Open! The curse lives on! Sorry, Rainy 🙁

Howdy Shadowverse Players,

It’s your main man Aya Senpai here with yet another deck talk from the Shadowverse Open! Throughout the Shadowverse Open, we’ve seen plenty of odd deck selections and very interesting tech choices. This deck is no different, and we are gonna delve into MS Sprayquaza’s Control Neutral Forest deck! Get the deck here!


Has access to excellent early game removal spells
Powerful cards throughout every stage of the game
Has one of the best control mirror breaking cards in Beauty and the beast


Not much in the way of card draw compared to other control decks.
Top Heavy (meaning that a great deal of the deck is filled with cards that are 5 or more play points)

General Game Plan

The overall game plan of this deck is to play slowly and keep yourself alive until you reach the end game. Of course, this is very much like any control deck, but this deck does it in a very different manner. While you do have access to Bellringer Angel as a method of drawing cards,  you don’t have access to a myriad of card draw options. You must be able to pick and choose between when you play cards or use your evolution points to help you maintain control of the game. If you play too many cards at a time without considering your options, you can find yourself without the resources to fight back, even with your incredibly powerful neutral late game.

Since this deck is a forest deck, you have access to really good removal cards such as Sylvan Justice and Elf Twins Assault. Since your deck is jam packed full of neutral cards, Elf Twins Assault should have little to no problem helping you keep the board clear throughout the early parts of the game.

Into the looking glass is there to help you cycle through cards but more importantly turn all cards in your hand and on the field to neutral. This can help make sure that you get the full effect of your Beauty and the Beast in the event that you manage to have tons of forest cards in your hand.

In the mid game, you have access to a few Goblinbreaker Teena which can help take back some of the tempo against your opponent and get some value out of your evolution points.

Crystalia Aerin is quite possibly one of the most important cards in the deck, helping protect you from your opponents big swing turns by giving you additional health back, and can also give you back an evo point if you use its enhance effect. Beauty and the beast can be incredibly difficult to beat as well because if it gets its full ability, your opponent will have to spend a significant amount of resources killing it!

If that wasn’t enough, you have access to Sahaquiel, Lucifer, Israfil and Bahamut to help keep yourself alive in the late game.

Going First
Any 2 PP Follower
Gourmet Emperor Khaiza / Goblin Mage

Going second
Any 2 PP Follower
Elf Twins Assault / Sylvan Justice
Goblin Breaker Teena

Gameplay Example

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/174032823 (Match begins at 6:52)

Final Thoughts

It was pretty cool to see a different variation of neutral being played over the weekend and it was even cooler to see it win. It is rare that we see neutral decks without Alice (almost impossible) so hopefully, we can learn something from this deck that not all neutral decks are created equal! Until next time!