With week two of the NSVO Season behind us, you now have just one more week to register for your chance to compete in the full Season, and the World Grand Prix!

Tournament Results


In Europe, Madalan and Pain move onto to the Invitationals, and will compete for a spot in the World Grand Prix in the Contenders Cup!

North America

Week two of the North American qualifiers was the week of Team Disastra with seven of our eight finalists being a part of the team! Congrats to our winners Eplicas and Underwear who will both move onto the Invitationals, and compete in the Contenders Cup!


Don’t forget you still have a chance to sign up for Qualifier 3 and earn the exclusive Starforged Legends – NGE Shadowverse Open emblem! Not sure how to enter? Rainy has got you covered!

This season there’s $32,000 in total prizing on the line – and the opportunity to compete in the Shadowverse World Grand Prix with a total prize pool of $120,000!

Register on Battlefy!


Congrats to the winners of our weekly 3,500 Vial giveaway of the new season!

EU Broadcast – Nanjiroh1

NA Broadcast – Tiyen27

Be sure to tune into next week’s broadcast for your chance to win!