Shadowverse players ranging from newcomers to some of the most experienced competitors matched wits for the chance to secure a spot at Contenders Cup. With a lot on the line, duelists from all over the globe brought their best decks and strategies to Shadowverse Open in the WEST and SEAO regions.

In this monthly recap, we dive into the exciting events ahead and take a look at the past weekends of intense battles and thrilling matches.

Contenders Cup 2021 Update

First and foremost, we must remind you to fasten your seat belts, save the date, and get ready for the ride! The next three months in the Shadowverse will be zooming by as players prepare for Contenders Cup 2021! SEAO will kick off Contenders Cup starting on October 9, 2021, with WEST following shortly after on October 16, 2021.

For more information about the Contenders Cup, check out the SVO 2021 Format Primer.

Shadowverse 5th Anniversary presented by SVO

We had a blast celebrating Shadowverse’s 5th birthday with such an awesome and supportive community. From epic matches, the best casters, an exclusive card reveal, and so much more the Shadowverse celebration was filled with lots of Shadowverse love and GGs all around! Don’t worry if you missed out on the party, you can watch the replay on the official YouTube channel.

#AskShadowverse in its full text is also archived here. For more details about the event, check out the official anniversary article. 

Shadowverse Open WEST June Cup 

Day 1 (Swiss Rounds and Top 16 Playoffs): June 19, 2021
Day 2 (Top 8 Bracket): June 20, 2021

Missed the stream? Watch it here:

Automatically advancing to the Contenders Cup is SVO West June Cup Champion, TS Hishiro who made quite the impression with a lineup of Shadowcraft, Portalcraft, and Swordcraft! He proved to be the best of June and defeated opponent Icchan, in a quick and convincing 2-0 win in the Grand Finals.

Special mention to 1st Runner Up, Icchan who went undefeated in Day 2 of the tournament up until the clash against Champion, TS Hishiro in the Grand Finals. The top 8 bracket consisted of familiar players to SVO tournaments but also rookie competitors showing that these tournaments are surely anyone’s game.  

With only 3 months left, the race to climb up the ranks of the leaderboard is on! The next months will be crucial for players looking to secure their spot at Contender’s Cup. The league points standings in the West are as follows:

See the full leaderboard here:

Shadowverse Open SEAO June Cup 

Day 1 (Swiss Rounds and Top 16 Playoffs): June 12, 2021
Day 2 (Top 8 Bracket): June 13, 2021

Missed the stream? Watch it here:

Winning crucial mirror matches and whipping out swift wins, S5 BMA advances to Contender’s Cup as the SVO SEAO June Cup Champion! Showcasing a lineup of Portalcraft, Dragoncraft, and Shadowcraft, S5 BMA withstood the rest and is one step closer to the World Grand Prix.

S5 Bma showed up against THGB Har3m, who was previously undefeated in this month’s bracket. Every player was at the edge of their chair, with a spot at the Contenders Cup on the line. With 3 months left into this year’s Monthly Cups, the chances of making it to the Contenders Cup is still up for grabs. 

League Point Standings in the SEAO region are as close as ever! We imagine the upcoming months in SEAO to be filled with nail-biting matches as there are currently 5 players tied at 26 points and only a slim point difference separating them from the Top 2. Casters and players may have their predictions but the players advancing to the Contenders Cup is still a mystery!

See the full leaderboard here:

With the new expansion on the horizon and only three months left of SVO, the next weeks in the Shadowverse will be filled with new strategic challenges and even more epic matches. 

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