Mark your calendars! We are thrilled to announce tournament details for the end-of-the-year, SVO All Star competition! The best of the best from West and SEAO regions will rise up to the occasion and prove their Shadowverse skill and strategies. Got what it takes? Read on to learn all the tournament details. 

Tournament Format

For the first time in SVO history, SVO All Star invites both West and SEAO region players alike to compete for an international title.
In this combined-region tournament, we will be inviting the top 8 All Star Point players from each region. Players with outstanding scores at a new Wildcard event will also be invited to join the party.

All Star Wildcard

The All Star Wildcard tournament will be open to West and SEAO regions and will be held a week prior to the All Star event.
The Tournament format is the following:

Date: 12/11 (Sun) TBC
Eligibility: Open to West and SEAO region players
Less than 200 players – 6 swiss rounds
More than 201 players – 7 swiss rounds
Rotation, Conquest, BO3, 1 Ban
All players with no loss will earn a Wildcard spot for All Star.

SVO All Star

SVO All Star is a 2-day tournament.
On Day 1, 16+ players from the All Star Point leaderboard and Wildcard will be going through 5-round swiss matches to decide the top 8 players advancing to Day 2. 

Day 1
Date: 12/17 (Sat) TBC
Eligibility: 16 players total from All Star Point ranking + 5-0 players from Wildcard event
Format: 5-round swiss, Rotation, Conquest, BO5 No BAN
After all swiss rounds are completed the top 8 advance to Day 2.
Tie breakers will be decided by Game Win Percentage. If there is still a tie, a head-to-head match will be played. 

Day 2
Date: 12/18 (Sun) TBC
Eligibility: Top 8 players who advanced from Day 1
Format: Single elimination, Rotation, Conquest, BO5 No BAN
Day 2 will be a single elimination bracket tournament.
Players will be seeded according to their Day 1 scores.
The winner of Day 2 will be crowned the Champion of SVO All Star 2022! 


All players who are participating in the All Star main event will earn cash prizes.
Check out the breakdown below.

We will have more prize info coming up so stay tuned!

Keep Up to Date!

More details will be revealed at a later date. For now, rack up those All Star points and keep practicing your strategies at SVO and SVW tournaments. Join the SVO Discord and follow us on Twitter for more updates!