Shadowverse Open All-Star is right around the corner and we’re excited to share the updated format and tournament details. Keep an eye on all SVO social channels as the first All-Star event kicks off on December 9, 2022.

Shadowverse Open All-Star is the end-of-the-year finale for the 2022 SVO season. 18 players from West and SEAO will compete in this combined-region tournament with their eyes set on becoming the SVO 2022 MVP. Out of 18 players, 16 will earn their spot by accumulating the most points on the All Star Leaderboard through participation in 4 Shadowverse Open tournaments throughout the year. The last 2 spots will be determined by the Wildcard tournament happening on December 9 and 10. 

Shadowverse Open All-Star Wildcard is a 2-day tournament with a 7-round swiss bracket on Day 1. Players who earn a score of 6-1 or 7-0 on Day 1 will be slotted into a 16-player single elimination bracket which will be broadcasted on Day 2. The matches will be played to the end of Semifinals where the remaining top 2 players will qualify for the All-Star main tournament. 

The format will be Rotation, BO3, 1 BAN, Conquest throughout the whole tournament.

Any players from the West or SEAO region can participate in the Wildcard for the last chance to qualify for the All-Star main tournament. 

*Depending on the number of participants, there is a possibility that Day 2 will be a 32-player single elimination tournament.

*The 16 players who have qualified for the All-Star main tournament through the All Star point ranking will not be able to participate in the tournament. They will automatically receive the participation prizes for Wildcard.

Wildcard is an SVO event you’re not gonna want to miss! Still haven’t decided if you want to join? Read on and take a peek at all the prizes that could soon be yours!

All participants who play in at least one round of the tournament will receive an X. Slaus, Wheel of Fortune in-game card sleeve. Players who participate in all 7 rounds on Day 1 will receive an original emblem with card art chosen by the community in the Wildcard poll! Yup, that’s right! Regardless of the final score, you won’t leave empty handed!

Vote for your favorite card art to be chosen for this special emblem here:

All-Star Wildcard Participation Emblem Poll

*The emblem poll will be open until 2022/9/30.

In the following week, the All-Star main tournament will take place. 8 of the top players from West and SEAO SVO based on All-Star Point ranking will be invited alongside the 2 lucky players who will have earned their spot from Wildcard. These 18 players will play out the finale tournament of the year for the title of SVO 2022 MVP. 

All-Star will also be a 2-day tournament, starting off with a 5-round swiss on Day 1. The top 8 players with a high score considering their game win rate will advance to Day 2. Day 2 will be a top 8 single elimination tournament. Players will be seeded into the bracket according to their score on Day 1 and play out until the champion is decided. 

Both Day 1 and Day 2 of the All-Star tournament will be played in Rotation, BO5, No BAN, Conquest format. 

Get ready to win BIG. We are giving out cash prizes in addition to some exclusive prizes based on the final score in the All-Star tournament. 

Players are guaranteed a $200 cash prize and 10 upcoming expansion in-game card pack tickets for participating in the All-Star main tournament. 

If you earn 2 wins in Day 1 of the swiss rounds, your cash prize will be $300 and if you earn 3 wins, you’ll receive $500. 

If you qualify for Day 2 of the All-Star, you are guaranteed $750, in-game card packs, as well as a playmat of either Milteo or Sekka and 24~26 expansion promo card sets.

The cash prize will increase to $1,400 if you place 3rd or 4th in the tournament and $1,900 if you are 2nd place. 

The champion of the tournament will earn the title of SVO 2022 MVP, a whopping $3,000 cash prize and a custom trophy decorated with the character of choice! Bragging rights, cash prize, and most importantly a custom made flair to let all your opponents in-game know you’re the SVO 2022 MVP!

Will you rack up your all star points at SVO or defeat all the competition in All Star Wildcard?  Don’t miss out on the epic conclusion of the SVO Season! We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming tournaments! 

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