We have enjoyed watching talented SVO players compete and broadcast their matches for SVO Monthly Cups. To help level up your future livestreams and content we are sharing a few best practices and official assets you can integrate into your Day 1 streams! 

Official Guidelines for Streaming

For broadcasts on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming platforms, follow the guidelines below:

1. Set a delay of at least 3 minutes on your live broadcast.
2. Add the official SVO Badge on your overlay; badges may be placed anywhere on the overlay so long as the entire image is fully visible.
3. Include the corresponding tournament name in your title:



4. Share your broadcast in the #self-promotions channel of the SVO Discord Server.

Download SVO Overlay Badges:

Interested participants may download the SVO overlay badges from this link.

See below for examples of SVO badge placement.
We look forward to seeing SVO participants livestream their matches!