Howdy Shadowverse players,

It’s time for Take 2 in this season of the Shadowverse open! So I want to take some time to talk with you about some tips that can help you along your take 2 journey!

1) Take time to study the available card pool.

Cards in Take 2 constantly rotate after a period of time and it’s usually around the time a new set comes out. Because of this, the card pool for Take 2 changes quite a bit. It is really important to study the available cards inTake 2 to know how to play around the cards your opponents could currently have and so you know what cards are optimal for building your deck!

2) Evolution points are far more valuable!

Learning how to evolve in Ttake 2 is actually quite different than it is in constructed play. In constructed play, you can build your deck to help limit the number of ways you evolve as to get the most damage or value out of them. In Take 2 however, evolution points tend to be used more as a way of maintaining or generating tempo.

In Take 2, you definitely want to be able to find a different way of removing your opponent’s followers if you can rather than using your evolution points because the later the game goes, the better your evolves become!

Of course, if you have to evolve to deal with a serious threat, then make sure you do so because of course there will be followers that you may not have removal for. But generally, you want to save them as much as you can.

Cards with rush end up being so much better in Take 2 as well because they help you prevent using your evolution points.

  1. 3) Tempo is the name of the game!

The more resources that you can force your opponent to burn in response to your threats, the better! Playing a strong follower, more often than not, will yield an immediate response of your opponent using a card to deal with it. However, Pre-evolving a follower to give it more stats can significantly help you with burning your opponent’s resources because high defense followers hold a lot of worth in Take 2 due to the limited removal pool.

4) Value, Value, Value!!!

Take 2 is all about value. Cards that you might not generally use in constructed play can end up being really really good! Cards such as Elf Guardian, Big Knuckle Bodyguard, Moon and Sun and Holy Lion Crystal help generate a ton of value throughout the course of the game.

In that same vein, cards like Eggsplosion and other similar board wipe effects end up being very strong in Take 2 because it is much more difficult to recover. Make sure to be on the lookout for cards like that when building your deck!

Final thoughts

Take 2 is a mode that requires a lot of practice to understand all of the cards and their interactions. Hopefully, this will give you a better insight into what you should be looking for when you are practicing for the upcoming tournaments! Until next time!


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