That’s a wrap for the Take Two SVO: Brigade of the Sky qualifier! This weekend saw certain players begin to cement their leads for the season. Even so, there are still three more qualifiers ahead of us, so anyone can still earn their way into the Regional Finals.


We saw veteran SVO player Cure Mango  mark his return to SVO with a stellar performance – sweeping his way to do the finals against Crumsion.

It was there that Cure Mango lost in the first round, before securing a 2-1 reverse sweep and taking the win! Check out the winning play below.

Missed the show? Watch the VOD and final match here!


In Europe, Himari maintained his perfect record with a Portalcraft and Forestcraft deck, defeating Praetorian’s Portalcraft and Dragoncraft combo in a 2-0 sweep. Here’s Himari’s winning play!

Get caught up with the full match and show VOD here!


There’s still time to register for the second Rotation Qualifier this weekend and earn an exclusive in-game emblem. Register Here.

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