The most impactful cards from the Dawnbreak Nightedge Mini Expansion.

The end of Dawnbreak, Nightedge heralds a new era. We recently got a small injection of cards into the format. Early on many of the cards in this mini-expansion were misunderstood. Now that some time has passed I would like to talk about some of the most important cards to be released in this Mini Expansion.

Waltz, King of Wolfs: Early on people speculated that this card would not be good. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Waltz gives Vengeance style Bloodcraft lists a reasonable 3/2 body that at first glance seems unimpressive but shines in the context of Blood. On the draw, you can play the moon on turn 4 while evolving another follower to push massive face damage. Having access to a Blood Moon will allow you to stay at a healthy life total while making your powerful Vengeance plays. Waltz just gives you one more way to have your activator and that gives the deck much-needed consistency. What I find most exciting about Waltz is the idea of possibly having more Werewolves that gain bonus effects under a Blood Moon.

Arcus, Ghostly Manager: For quite a while now Shadow has been in a bit of an awkward spot in the meta, occasionally popping up but never really doing much more than that. With the addition of Arcus to their arsenal, Shadow got better, but it’s still not entirely there. Arcus is a strange card. It’s the closest Shadow has gotten to having a card like Acceleratium, however, it’s got some major differences. Unlike Acceleratium Arcus presents a clock,¬†as every turn, those ghosts get closer to ending the game. What makes Arcus strong is that he gives instant value off of last word effects. With just a few cards like Andrealphus and Purehearted Singer, a Shadow player can cheaply dig through their deck while removing boards and pushing face damage.

Whitefrost Dragonewt Filene: This was one of the only cards that was widely accepted as powerful before the Mini-Expansion dropped. Filene just does SO MUCH. If Sigfried and Lyrial ever had an affair Filene would have been the child. Solid 1/3 body. She comes with a free 2PP execute or ping. Finally, at the cost of an evo (and 1/1 in stats), she can ping an enemy follower. That ping can be used to set up for the execute or just to finish off weak followers. Filene is incredibly flexible. On top of all this, she is a 2PP follower for Prime Dragon Keeper decks and comes with a spell for Lindwyrm.

Whitefang Temple: Whitefang Temple is a fantastic card. The card allows you to slowly heal up every turn. That alone doesn’t sound too impressive but in multiples or with a Tenkos Shrine on the board the healing can quickly get out of hand. Once the Temple pops you get a 6/6 dragon for your troubles. The dragon itself is a huge threat and demands an answer. If you find yourself in a bind and need the dragon a bit faster you can even speed up how fast the Shrine counts down. Temple has found a home in Tenkos Shrine decks and may even find uses elsewhere. The card simply does a lot since good healing in Shadowverse can be hard to come by.

Storied Falconer: Another 2PP 1/3. This statline has become more and more common as we get new cards and that’s probably a good thing. The bigger health pool allows for more trading, in turn, decisions in the early game can slow things down. Falconer is a reasonable body that gives you a free 2/1 Raptor. The Raptor does a fine job at pushing extra face damage, trading with something weak. With the help of an evolve on the Falconer himself you can give the bird bane making it a handy way to remove big followers. The fact that this card exists in the same card as Wood of Brambles is also a pretty big deal since a 1/3 can make such good use of the Brambles effect.

This Mini Expansion changed up the format much more than people expected and it’s only setting the groundwork for what is to come in the next expansion. Did the new cards meet your expectations? Are there other powerful cards I didn’t cover? Let me know in the HSK Discord and have fun playing with all the new toys!