After six weeks of Open Qualifiers, the NA and EU Regional Finals have arrived! In it, the top 8 players from each region will compete for their chance at a piece of the $16,000 prize pool per region!

North America

In North America, Skysama leads the pack heading into the Regional Finals after taking the win in Qualifier 2, and 4. Skysama is the only player in North America to earn first place in multiple qualifiers, winning both a Rotational and Unlimited qualifier.

Right behind Skysama is Crumsion who narrowly blocked our third place player Leca from winning two qualifiers by defeating him in the Qualifier 1 finals.


On the European side of SVO, Zerofyne tops the leaderboard after taking first in Qualifier 1, and landing in the top 8 of four of the six open qualifiers.

Followed very closely by Ludibrolo who earned first place wins in Qualifier 3 and 6, in both Take 2 and Rotational formats.

Southeast Asia + Oceania

Even with the NA and EU Regional Finals just around the corner, SEAO qualifiers are still going strong! There’s still time to register for the final SEAO qualifier of the season and earn up to 30,000 Vials!

Glow is the current SEAO leader topping the standings with a second place win in Qualifier 1 and a third place win in Qualifier 3.