The fourth qualifier of the Brigade of the Sky season of SVO has wrapped up – meaning there is just one more qualifier left before the Regional Finals! Don’t forget, just by competing you’ll earn the exclusive in-game emblem.

For now, let’s recap how the Unlimited qualifier went last weekend!


In PAM we saw Tempo Storm take their third qualifier of the season – with Potwasher emerging from the losers bracket, resetting the bracket, and defeating Trickster!

Check out the full show and final match below!


On the European side of things, the SVO: Dawnbreak, Nightedge champion Sheepy made his first big appearance of the season! Defending his spot in the winners’ bracket, Sheepy held out against a bracket reset before defeating ShadowShadet.

Here are the full show and final match!

Team Interviews

This week we spoke with team captains Hyena from Team Omnibus and Lucille from Tempo Storm about what their teams have been doing in the Shadowverse community!


There’s still time to register for the final qualifier of the season and earn an exclusive in-game emblem. Register Here.

Free Packs

Tune in to the Shadowverse Open each weekend for a chance to win 3 Brigade of the Sky card packs!