Team Disastra dominates another weekend of SVO – this time in both PAM and EURO Unlimited qualifiers! Before we prepare for the World Circuit at Dreamhack Tours this weekend, let’s take a look at how Unlimited Qualifier played out!


Crumsion leads the way for Disastra, as the only member of the team in the top 8. After two close calls in the Winners bracket, Crumsion faced off against Fantasy for the second time – and won in a stellar 2-0 sweep. Check out the final match below!


On the European side of things, Disastra took not only 1st, but 2nd, and 3rd! Essia, Sheepy, and Ludiobrolo owned the bracket. In the end, Essia took the win over Sheepy in the Grand Finals after a heartbreaking misplay. See the final match below!


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