What’s New This Season

We’re happy to announce the return of SVO with Shadowverse Open: Dawnbreak, Nightedge.

This season we’ve created all new Cygames Esports channels for you to stay up to date on the latest Shadowverse esports news, interviews, and more! Twitter

New Ways To Watch

Now you’ll be able to find SVO on more places than ever, with live broadcasts going out on YouTube, Facebook, and our newly re-branded Cygames Esports Twitch channel!




We also gave our existing Shadowverse Open website a fresh coat of paint with an all-new World Grand Prix 2018 section – featuring the PAM (Pan-America) EURO (Europe) and SEAO (Southeast Asia and Oceania) players that have qualified for the Contenders Cup, and all the ways that YOU can qualify!

Discord Changes

If you haven’t already, please designate yourself as a PAM, EURO, or SEAO player using the #region-request channel.

For SEAO players – please be sure to communicate with the SEAO admins (check the server’s Members List to find them!) for any tournament questions or information.

Click here to join the Shadowverse Open Discord!

Format and Rule Changes

This season we’ve moved from having a total of six weeks of qualifiers to five. The format breakdown will be three Rotational, one Unlimited, and one Take Two qualifier.

Take Two has also seen some changes, moving to a Best of 3, single elimination format, with forced redrafting after every game in the series.

The SEAO side of SVO will now be handled by a separate team than the one managing the PAM and EURO tournament and broadcast. See the following documents for the SVO rules for your region, and make sure to reach out to your region’s admins on Discord if you have questions!



SEAO tournaments now begin at 12:00PM GMT+8, with broadcasts beginning at 4PM. Also, SEAO now has a 1,000 USD prize pool per tournament!

Regional Eligibility Changes

Unfortunately, Vietnam and the Philippines have been removed from the list of eligible countries in the SEAO region, due to strict local esports regulations. We will continue to monitor the situation.

The NA region is now the PAM (Pan-America) region! This means countries across Central and South America are now included, most of the Caribbean too! Make sure to check the rules for the complete list of eligible countries.

The EURO region has expanded to include more countries, including Russia! Make sure to check the rules for the complete list of eligible countries.


As always players will be able to earn an exclusive emblem for participating, and up to 30,000 Vials per qualifier. PAM and EURO players will get to compete in their regions’ finals for a piece of the $16,000 prize pool and a guaranteed spot in the Contenders Cup.

So get your decks, and register for the first Shadowverse Open: Dawnbreak, Nightedge qualifier set for April 14th! https://battlefy.com/shadowverse-open