SVO: To kick things off, tell us about yourself and your involvement in competitive Shadowverse.

Zerofyne: I am 25 years old, I live in Greece and I study Microbiology and Biomedical Sciences. I started playing Shadowverse in May. A friend of mine suggested me the game and I had loads of free time during that period (fortunately enough) so I gave it a try. This resulted in me playing the game for at least 10 hours per day for the next 4 months.

I stopped playing a little before Starforged Legends cause Wonderland Dreams didn’t really appeal to me and also I didn’t have much free time to play. Then I got informed about the Rotation system which I found really interesting so I gave the game another chance.

This time though I decided to explore the waters of the competitive scene so I joined the first Chronogenesis Qualifier in order to to get my first competitive experience in the game. What came after exceeded my expectations by far. At first, I believed that I was just lucky but I just kept winning over and over and this resulted in my 3rd place finish during that season while also claiming the title of the MVP.

My goal is to qualify for the Contenders Cup and it seems things are going well so far now that I also won the first Dawnbreak/Nightedge Qualifier.

SVO: Congrats on doing so well last season and earning the $2,500 third place prize! What have you done with your winnings?

Zerofyne: Nothing specific for the time being. But I will use a part of it to pay for my college expenses.

SVO: Have you changed up how you prepare to compete, between the Chronogenesis season and Dawnbreak, Nightedge seasons of SVO?

Zerofyne: I was fortunate enough to join HSK about a month ago. I would like to shout-out my master Akamarured for that because he was the one who approached me with incredible kindness during the qualifier weeks and eventually he extended an invite for me to join the team. That being said of course now I have a group of players who I would also like to call friends cause their support is awesome and therefore my practice sessions are much more competitive due to the internal scrims and the training days we have so BIG SHOUT-OUTS TO THEM. Before all my practice was my experience on ladder.

SVO: Going back to your qualifier last weekend, how did you feel about your performance there? Was there a particular matchup you found interesting or difficult for you to overcome?

Zerofyne: I think I did pretty well judging by the fact that the expansion is only 3 weeks old. I did make some mistakes during my matches against Repi and Sheepy but I was so tired during that time. The tournament was put on hold for about 2 hours and when it started again it was about 1:00 am for me but in the end, I managed to pull it through.

I really like the Swordcraft mirror matches it really feels like we send our armies into battle until only one remains. I found difficult to overcome the Portalcraft mirror match. Maybe my list was not well suited for that but to be honest I don’t really have much experience in this mirror match. But as time goes by I will try to improve my flaws for sure. There is a lot of work still to be done if I want to qualify for the Contenders Cup.

SVO: Do you have any advice for new players who are just getting into the competitive Shadowverse scene?

Zerofyne: Just play. You have nothing to lose but only to get. No matter if you have all the cards or not every game will be an experience that will make you better. I truly believe you need to lose against better players in order to become better. Don’t let defeat or an unfortunate series of draws overwhelm you. In the end, good results will come and this is a fact.

SVO: Do you have any final shout-outs you’d like to make as well?

HSK Zerofyne: I’d like once again to thank HSK for their incredible support and help as well as my friends and my crazy uncle who never misses a match of mine when I am on stream.