Shadowverse 5th Anniversary Celebration

5 years of epic battles. 5 years with a loving community. 1 epic party to celebrate it all! What an amazing ride it’s been through 5 years in the Shadowverse! Celebrate this major milestone with us at our Shadowverse 5th Anniversary Livestream on June 26th (GMT+8). (more…)
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Shadowverse 2021 Format Primer

June 2021 Update The dates for the Contenders Cup have been announced! It is as listed below: October 9-10 2021: Contenders Cup SEAO October 16-17 2021: Contenders Cup WEST Furthermore, World Grand Prix 2020 qualifiers are also eligible for participation in this year’s Contenders Cup. However, in the case where.
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SVO Day 1 Streamer Guidelines

We have enjoyed watching talented SVO players compete and broadcast their matches for SVO Monthly Cups. To help level up your future livestreams and content we are sharing a few best practices and official assets you can integrate into your Day 1 streams!  (more…)
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Shadowverse is a strategic collectible card game.